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Matcha StoreIt’s arrived! We can finally share what we think is the highest- quality artisanal matcha on the planet.

Prepare for an epicurean experience along the lines of a great burgundy (think Romanée Conti). It’s heady, has an electrifying and balanced acidity, multillayered flavors and aromas, and a long, smooth finish. It’s essence of umami, in a cup

Then get ready for the antioxidant-rich energy boost and the clarity of mind that accompanies it. It might just be the most effective brain food available anywhere, for any price. Read more …

Breakaway Japanese KitchenBreakaway Japanese Kitchen

The Breakaway Japanese Kitchen “vook” (video e-book) is a revolutionary new way to learn to cook great meals at home using Japanese ingredients. It allows you to read Eric’s recipes and culinary approach, AND watch integrated videos of Eric cooking dishes and shopping for ingredients. You’ll be making simple, delicious, and healthy meals in no time, with very little fuss.

Cooking Videos

Watch Eric demonstrate the principles of breakaway cooking — that is, simple home cooking that takes advantage of global ingredients — in this series of short videos. Learn how you can make the concept of “ethnic markets meets farmers’ markets” work for you.

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