Breakaway Cook

Creative Use of Salts

Back with the next video. I’m sure you knew this was coming eventually, but this one’s on creative use of salts. At least I used a different shirt! ┬áBut seriously: I really value all the feedback you’ve given me, both in the comments below and in private. PLEASE keep it coming. Thanks!

And: I’m open to ideas you’d like to see covered here, so let me know. It’s been great fun doing these things; I’m really looking forward to doing actual dishes, start to finish, for the new book. If it wasn’t so bloody time-consuming and expensive, I’d do hundreds of them! But it’s also next to impossible in my tiny kitchen; it’s quite the ballet to move around at all with all the lighting equipment and the two cameras. Man I’d love to have a studio kitchen … if anyone has ideas on how to get one, please tell me!