Breakaway Cook

Fresh Herbs — The More, The Merrier

I’ve spent a good part of the last few weeks in the garden — major weeding sessions, fertilizing, planting, cleaning up. The oregano and thyme FINALLY made it into the ground, after two years in pots on the deck, and the difference is dramatic: they’re already spreading like mad, ecstatic to have some room to run. The lesson: if you can possibly get your herbs in the ground, do it! They’ll probably be a lot happier.

I’m often amused by the quantities of fresh herbs called for in recipes: quarter teaspoon here, half teaspoon there, and maybe even — gasp! — a full tablespoon sometimes! Around here we go by the cup, not spoon; I’ll add a half cup of tarragon to something, two cups of thai basil to something else, a cup of parsley to something else. I guess there is, theoretically, such a thing as too much herbage, but I don’t think I’ve encountered it. Large quantities of herbs make EVERYTHING taste good. They’re such an instant way to improve your cooking: just add fresh herbs!

In the next video I highlight my favorite herbs and make what is probably my all-time favorite breakfast: fluffy herby eggs. If anyone has any dishes that use large quantities of herbs, I’d love to hear about it — I’m always looking to increase my use of them even more. And now that my herbs are situated in a sunny spot with room to spread out, I expect truckloads of them will soon make their lovely presence felt.

How does one use TRUCKLOADS of herbs?