Breakaway Cook

How To Make Matcha, Breakaway Style

The first official matcha pouring yesterday at the Remodelista event was a blast. So gratifying to see so many instant converts!

I finally got around to making a quick video on how I make matcha. Since it’s so portable, I thought it would be fun to shoot it outside, on the hiking trail. A huge thank you to Michael Maloney for making it happen.

As you might suspect from reading this site, I don’t do it the traditional way, which is with a small bamboo whisk and a big, often clunky, matcha bowl. I much prefer the horsepower of the Aerolatte frother, which makes the best matcha crema I’ve ever seen, inside a well-designed creamer to froth it; it’s then poured into small ceramic cups and enjoyed espresso-style.

Still working on the new matcha pages and the ecommerce section — building a not-ugly store is challenging on so many levels — but I must say: it looks fabulous so far. Please stay tuned.

The teas are nothing short of incredible. I’ll follow up this post with a detailed description of them.  Your feedback is, as always, hugely appreciated!